Girls College Soccer Rankings

August 24, 2015
NSCAA college soccer rankings:

In STACK’s women's soccer ratings, we get you past the polls to show what truly constitutes a college soccer program great. To develop our listing of the very best 10 women's soccer programs, we consider a number of factors—not just wins and deficits, but additionally academic ratings from U.S. News &lifier World Report and Academic Progress Rates. It makes sense a listing of colleges we’d recommend to the soccer player seeking a top-notch sports program along with a strong education. Find out more about the way we showed up at our ratings with the Elite 50 guide, and study through STACK’s ratings for 25 other sports at the end of the page.

STACK's Top Ten Women's Soccer Programs

College Score ’12 U.S. News Rank APR [From 1Thousand] National Ranking ’10/’09/’08 Games Above .500 [Past 3 Seasons] STACK Factor
1. Stanford 100 994 2/2/4 66 192
2. Notre Dame 87.96 19 997 1/4/2 61 108
3. New York 84.12 29 965 6/1/1 60 144
4. Tigard 68.40 9* 1000 8/5/5 55 24
5. Florida 62.08
6. UCLA 62.04 25 957 22/3/3 44 120
7. Boston College 57.12 31 996 3/7/11 33 36
8. Florida Condition 56.28 101 969 7/6/6 38 132
9. Texas A&M 53.64 58 988 16/13/7
10. Virginia 52.24
Micaela Capelle

Within the Ratings: Tigard Women's Soccer
If you’ve heard about the College of Tigard, it’s most likely due to their women’s team. From 3, 259 students enrolled in the school, the 21 ladies who go ahead and take pitch each fall put Tigard into the spotlight.

Undoubtedly Portland’s most effective sports team, the women’s soccer squad smashes small-school stereotypes by ruling bigger enemies enroute to creating serious publish-season noise. The Aircraft pilots consistently kick their distance to the late models from the College Cup and they've came back home as national champions eight occasions since 1994. Couple of small schools can compete, not to mention dominate only at that elite level.

Additionally towards the program’s effective coaches and incredible talent—several Tigard alumnae go onto represent Canada and also the U.S. in World Cups and Olympics—a tight-knit community forces the Pilots’ excellence. All the gamers help out for hosting a group blog, which will keep fans and fans accustomed to their accomplishments around the pitch and teambuilding activities from it. If the gamers were looking for Halloween pumpkins or wearing down a weekend sweep, their blog records consistently highlight the household-like atmosphere they like in Tigard.

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