Ohio High School Girls Soccer rankings

May 5, 2015
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In nov 2013 we dipped our toes within the waters of Ohio Senior High School soccer, candidly, with mixed reviews. Ohio presented newer and more effective challenges with lots of, a lot more schools, and much more methods to slice and dice categories of schools. We're able to handle 3 divisions and 6 districts, however with conferences of isolated categories of teams too, it had been a significant challenge. This past year, we capped out at approximately an 82% conjecture rate. Sounds ok, however when you take into account that categories of teams rarely performed outdoors their isolated conferences, it had been difficult to be proven wrong! I amusingly thought it appeared just like a problem we're able to accept, however it wasn’t passing the smell test. There have been teams clearly rated wrongly.

So, we're back in internet marketing this season, and late than never, before tournament play. Begin to see the leads to the charts below. We're able how to finish seasons dependably within the 87% range, that is around where folks really began to think within the system – a minimum of in Kentucky. With this year, you can observe the machine just eclipsing 85%, you will find, we've needed to collect data returning to 2005 to develop enough history within the database to work through all the isolation related issues. Still good sense frequently rules during these matters, so please, discuss your direct findings, so we can continue improve!

Ohio Boys Prediction Accuracy Oct-14

Of course, please keep looking for silly errors. Considering the variety of data collected, I can’t track schools which have merged, transformed names, began new teams or stopped playing. I'm able to make use of the help!

Source: www.maherrankings.com
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High School Girls Soccer
High School Girls Soccer
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