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November 1, 2015
USA soccer goalkeeper Hope

Leader Obama honored the U. S. women's team in a Whitened House ceremony, saying their 2015 World Cup victory inspired the entire country. (March. 27) AP

WASHINGTON — Leader Obama welcomed the planet Cup-winning U.S. women's team towards the Whitened House Tuesday, saying the team's dominance around the area "trained all America's children that 'playing just like a girl' means you are a badass."

After riotous applause and cheers, Obama ongoing, "Possibly I shouldn’t used that phrase. Playing just like a girl means to be the best."

Obama routinely welcomes championship teams towards the Whitened House, but the appearance of the U.S. Women's National Team permitted him to create a larger statement about women in society. "They’ve inspired countless women to dream bigger, and incidentally, inspired countless boys to check out women in a different way, which is equally as important, " Obama stated.

President Obama poses for a selfie with the U.S. Women'sObama congratulated Sydney Leroux on her behalf recent marriage and Megan Rapinoe for uplifting a cornfield maze in California. Also, he stated the victory evolved as the result of "Christie Rampone’s leadership, Alex Morgan’s playmaking, Louise O’Reilly’s game face. Becky Sauerbrunn’s quiet dominance and Abby Wambach’s not-so-quiet dominance."

But Obama's most effusive praise was fond of midfielder Carli Lloyd, who obtained three goals within the first 16 minutes from the final match against Japan.

"I'd become my popcorn, I had been all settling in. I’m thinking There is a few hrs of hysteria and excitement - and poof, it had been gone, " he stated. "It had been over."

Obama noted that whenever her hat trick someone transformed her title on Wikipedia to "Leader from the U . s . States."

"Which, incidentally, the task is going to open. What’s another candidate within the mix?" Obama stated. "I promise Carli knows much more about being Leader than a few of the people that are running."

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