Asian Girl Soccer

April 9, 2016

Untitled17-year-old Kimleang from your Mighty Women Programme managed to get in to the finals from the Asian Women Privileges Honours and received the chance to advertise women privileges over the island of Taiwan. The youthful Cambodian was supported with a Nepalese and Indian girl that had been selected as Girl Ambassadors through the Garden of Hope Foundation from 60 programs throughout Asia.Untitled1 Together, the women travelled across Taiwan to teach their peers about gender equality and also the role education and sports might have in strengthening ladies and youthful women. They were asked to participate the festivities of Taiwan Women Day on October eleventh which matches the Worldwide Day's the lady Child from the Un.

Within the increase for this event, the 3 women visited schools along with other institutions throughout Taiwan to go over the problem of women in their own individual nations and Taiwan with youth and grown ups alike.Untitled2 Among, Kimleang also marketed girl empowerment and referred to her very own existence and dreams in interviews she gave in British to some Taiwanese radio station along with a magazine – for only 3 years of learning this language. She's happy with the road she required to get at where she's today: “Before I had been only a normal girl that lives locally, not brave enough, always shy, constantly.Untitled3 However when I became a member of the Mighty Women Programme at SALT Academy all of them urged me to discover equal privileges, existence abilities, especially sports, since it makes me proud and that i can speak before people.”

Which is what she did on various occasions throughout her busy five day ambassadorial trip throughout Taiwan. On her behalf first evening, she received an award through the Garden of Hope Foundation within the framework from the New Taipei City Award Ceremony. In her own speech to some crowd of 100 youthful senior high school women in the region, she outlined the special role sports can enjoy in strengthening youthful women. Taking her very own example, she referred to how soccer empowered her who, 3 years after joining the Mighty Women Programme, today shows British, existence abilities, and soccer to more youthful women at SALT Academy.

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Little girl gets DESTROYED by soccer ball
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