American Girl Soccer Outfit

June 4, 2015

The brand new outfit the American Girl nowadays toy is available in may be the gold fleece jacket outfit including:

Candy striped t-shirt

Stretch velour pants

Fleece shirtjac

Turquoise anklets

10 Stick-on Small Grin Hooks

Black houses

Hair scrunchie

Green training pants

The toy also still has the group of 6 blank books and also the

Lunch tickets

Library card

Small magazine

$20 GMAB stopped 1998

Computer Desk &lifier Chair

Set your American Girl’s computer about this sturdy desk so she will do her homework. There’s a pencil tray built in. A seat having a soft swivel chair and cozy backrest is the best spot to sit and surf the Internet.

$40 GSF stopped 1999

Small Macs

Boot your American Girl’s Apple Macs computer using the switch of the switch. Make use of the keyboard to scroll through her area trip report concerning the planetarium. Scoot a button across the mousepad to include stars towards the constellation on screen.

$32 GSAC stopped 1999

School Lunch

You don't need to pack a sack for the American Girl—it’s hot lunch day. Load her tray having a slice of pizza, an outdoor salad, half a blueberry, a carton of milk, along with a peanut butter cookie. Remember the napkin, hay, and “spork!”

Includes special tray holder.

$16 GSAL stopped 1999

School Jumper

Send your American girl towards the cafeteria inside a fit-and-flare grey flannel jumper, a multistriped mock-T, and matching stretch headband. Add ribbed tweed tights and black boots with bouncy rubber soles. Save a spot for her at the table!

$20 GSOE stopped 2001

Cheerleader Outfit

Your American Girl’s got spirit to spare along with a cheer to talk about! Dress her inside a classis pleated skirt, pullover, ankle socks, whitened tennies, along with a hair scrunchie. She’s putting on red-colored briefs for individuals cartwheels, and it has pompons to guide the wave!

$22 GSOC stopped 1999

(See appendix)

Soccer Gear

Your American Girl will start the growing season just like a professional in her own candy striped shorts with embroidered logo design shiny jersey, kneesocks, cleats, shin pads, along with a hair scrunchie. After practice, pack the ball in her own duffle bag.

$24 GSOD stopped 2001

Girl Scout Uniform

Dress your American Girl Scout for any troop meeting in her own official uniform: shirt, culotte, and matching vest imprinted with proficiency badges. Give a belt-purse, whitened socks, and cozy brown suede loafers. Then train her The Lady Scout Promise: “On my honor….”

$22 GSOG stopped 1999

Kwanzaa Outfit

Dress your American Girl for Kwanzaa, a meeting of African heritage and culture. Her buba—a traditional gown—and elegant matching mind wrap are constructed with African fabric. A handmade necklace and soft leather sandals give a final festive touch.

$22 GCOC stopped 1999

Kwanzaa Adornments

Put down these seven practical accessories—each means a Kwanzaa principle:

Oneness cup

Woven pad

Basket of fruit

Kinara candleholder

7 pretend candle lights

2 ears of corn

Small Kwanzaa book

$20 GCAZ stopped 1999

Recital Outfit

Send your American Girl out for any curtain get in touch with this elegant ladylike tuxedo—a satin skirt with cummerbund along with a cutaway jacket having a crisp gold studded blouse. Give a glittering bow tie, tights, shiny patent footwear, along with a headband having a golden tassel—bravo!

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