Archbishop Wood Girls Soccer

May 2, 2015
Bethlehem Catholic High School

The interscholastic Sports Program is given through the Assistant Principal for Student Matters and also the Director of Athletics and includes Baseball, Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball, Bowling, Boys’ and Girls’ Mix-Country, Area Hockey, Cheerleading, Golf, Football, Boys’ and Girls’ Soccer, Softball, Boys’ and Girls’ Swimming, Boys’ and Girls’ Lacrosse, Boys’ and Girls’ Tennis, Boys’ and Girls’ Track, Volleyball, and Wrestling. An Ice Hockey Club is recognized (although not financially supported or backed through the school).


The goal from the sports program would be to develop initiative, school spirit, and good sportsmanship, by instilling an issue and respect for existence and health fostering leadership abilities, and inspiring the achievement of self-confidence through participation within the personal choices which shape the smoothness of the true champion. Furthermore, the sports program seeks to possess each student develop his/her entire physical potential by growing strength, endurance, and agility.

Interscholastic Sports Entertainment

ARCHBISHOP WOOD Senior High School is part of the PHILADELPHIA CATHOLIC LEAGUE for boys and women competition. Starting in 2007, the Philadelphia Catholic League grew to become the official person in PIAA (Pennsylvania Interscholastic Sports Association) and District 12. We sign up for the guidelines and rules as layed out within the Metabolic rate from the Catholic League and also the Consitution and Bylaws of PIAA. Contests scheduled with Non-PIAA member schools are controlled through the bylaws from the PIAA.

Obligations from the Student Athlete

All student-sports athletes are bound Whatsoever Occasions to see the rules and rules from the ARCHBISHOP WOOD Senior High School, as layed out within the student guide.

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Winning Goal for Archbishop Wood
Winning Goal for Archbishop Wood
PIAA Ladies Soccer Autumn 2010: Conestoga vs. Archbishop Wood
PIAA Ladies Soccer Autumn 2010: Conestoga vs. Archbishop Wood
Archbishop Wood JV Girls Soccer 2013
Archbishop Wood JV Girls Soccer 2013
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