Womens Soccer World Cup

July 16, 2015
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It’s been 55 years since a lady athlete continues to be honored having a ticker-tape parade within the Town of New You are able to.

The final time such recognition was granted was on March 6, 1960, and also the lady sitting within that whitened convertible waving towards the USA faithful across the roads of Manhattan was New You are able to native Carol Heiss Jenkins, an amount skater that had just came back home after generating her first Olympic gold medal.

From 1956-60, Heiss Jenkins would be a dominant pressure in the realm of worldwide figure skating. She won five consecutive World Titles, four straight National Game titles and gained two Olympic medals (silver in 1956 and gold in 1960), all when she was two decades old. She seemed to be the very first lady to land a dual axel competing.

Despite not remembering at length the business of the team event, Heiss Jenkins strongly takes note of what it really felt like.

“I keep in mind searching for in the high structures to see the confetti and individuals waving all across the Canyon of Heroes and wanting champion, ” Heiss Jenkins stated. “They were smiling and saying I really like you. It had been an enchanting day. Whenever we finished also it found an finish, Mayor Robert Wagner welcomed me and provided the important thing and Medallion towards the City, and that he also kissed me around the oral cavity. Like a 20-year-old I had been like, ‘oh my goodness.’”

The U.S. Women’s National Team won't function as the first female sports athletes to obtain a ticker-tape parade within their recognition since 1960, however the USWNT can also get very good to become the initial all-female team to ride with the roads of recent You are able to City.

“I viewed everything all the goals as well as the historic three goals from Carli (Lloyd) were phenomenal. It had been a star moment to possess a hat trick within the Final. At this level - the particular performance such as the Olympic games, such as the National basketball association finals you're employed so challenging towards the Final after which to achieve that within the Final it’s unbelievable. The women were wonderful. They never disappointed, and that’s essential in a Final, never over until it’s over. The entire team was superb.”

Source: www.ussoccer.com
USA Women Soccer Team win World Cup.wmv
USA Women Soccer Team win World Cup.wmv
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