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August 12, 2015
Let s Go Girls!

Mind Coach: TBD
Major Competition: None
Qualifications: Gamers born on or after Jan. 1, 2000
Key occasions: Domestic training camps

U.S. Under-16 Girls’ National Team Begins Anew in 2015
The U.S. Under-16 Girl’s National Team was re-implemented in 2015. Just before this season, the final time U.S. Soccer had programming in the U-16 level was 2007, however when FIFA implemented a global championship in the U-17 level for 2008, and also the U-16 age bracket was made available to the U-17s. This season, included in a general dedication to player development, new programs in the U-16 and U-19 level were began support and U.S. Soccer presently has as many as eight Youth National Teams for its women's and men's programs: U-14, U-15, U-16, U-17, U-18, U-19, U-20 and U-23.

These additions create two separate programming tracks for-birth-year gamers and odd-birth-year gamers, permitting for any more consistent approach toward development and extra possibilities for gamers to sign up in national team occasions and matches.

U.S. Soccer continuously provide quality training conditions and training periods for youthful gamers and can strongly be growing these efforts using its Training Center program, which the U-16 GNT is a major benefactor.

Because the U-17s have experienced Women’s World Cup since 2008, the significance of the recently implemented U-16s, and U-15s, is larger, because this age bracket have a tangible goal to experience inside a Women’s World Cup.

The swimming pool for that U-16s is going to be introduced to many training camps during the period of the entire year to be able to expose more gamers of the age towards the National Team camping atmosphere and experience and U-16 gamers might be introduced into U-17 training camps and occasions throughout the entire year. The gamer pool is recognized on the year-round basis, through U.S. Soccer Schools, club soccer, ODP interregional occasions and also the more youthful girls’ national team camps.

In 2015, the U-16s may have five training camps. Camps are frequently scheduled to operate concurrent along with other YNT camps to provide gamers an chance to look at and train against older gamers and discover through individuals encounters.

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