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January 4, 2016
SSA Australian Football Team

In June this season, the Matildas were the toast of the united states following a history-making performance the Australian men's team haven't compare to - reaching the quarterfinals from the FIFA Women's World Cup.

Although bumped out by eventual runners up, Japan, the Matildas grew to become big names and curiosity about the overall game sky-rocketed.

Despite their success and also the six-month, full-time training course they completed prior to the tournament, they left Canada with only $2, 850 (US$2, 014) within their pockets, on the top of the $21Thousand (US$14, 844) annual salary.

The dispute highlights the glaring inequalities that presently exist between women's and men's professional sports.

The Australian men's team, the Socceroos, don't have an assured earnings they receive shares in commercial contracts in addition to sponsorship bonuses.

Even though this makes direct evaluations difficult, Australia's men's team might have gained $8, 500 (US$6Thousand) for that match had they arrived at the quarterfinals around the globe Cup in 2014, in comparison towards the Matildas' $750 (US$530).

That's regardless of the Australian women being rated ninth within the FIFA/Coca-Cola World cup ratings, in comparison towards the Australian Socceroos at 61.

The strike

The PFA has requested the FFA for any pay deal that will begin to see the salary for any Tier 1 female soccer player increase from roughly $21Thousand (US$14, 841) each year, to $40Thousand (US$28, 269).

They can also be requesting healthcare and maternity leave cover, and enhanced travel plans. Based on Gill, the gamers are compensated part-time wages for full-time work.

"The workload is professional, but they're treated as semi-professional when it comes to the remuneration they receive for that work they're doing, " Gill stated.

The FFA has to date declined the PFA's proposal, rather supplying a salary increase equal to roughly 10% over 4 years.

FFA chief excutive, David Gallup stated in a press conference on Thursday the PFA's pay demands were "remarkable" and may 't be given through the FFA, because of the Australian A-league clubs lost $17 million this past year.

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