Oaks Christian Girls Soccer

June 13, 2015
Oaks Christian girls soccer

The Trees Soccer Camping is proud to provide its highly acclaimed day camps for 2015 the days of June 22 – 26, This summer 13 – 17, This summer 20 – 24, and This summer 27 – 31 at beautiful Trees Christian School. Emphasis is going to be put on teaching the fundamental techniques and abilities which are necessary to improve one’s soccer game. Gamers is going to be arranged based on age and skill. Most significantly, gamers is going to be encircled by an optimistic soccer atmosphere and caring staff.

Day Camps run from 9:00 am to two:00 pm and price $275.00 each week. A first deposit of $50.00 is needed for every day camping application, using the balance on, or before, the very first day of camping. Each camper gets to be a free T-shirt. *Lunch is going to be provided totally free. Space is restricted so register today to be able to book your place.

Team Training

Structured training periods will concentrate on technical and tactical facets of the overall game. The curriculum is modified to suit specific needs of every team. A group or group will get a price reduction of $25 for every player. There has to be a minimum of 8 gamers within the group and all sorts of programs will have to be received simultaneously.


Goalkeepers will train on key technical and tactical aspects of the overall game that report straight to their position. Goalkeepers is going to be focusing on shot preventing, saving crosses, proper work and decision-making. Gamers may also learn how to read the overall game through match situations throughout camping scrimmage games.

*Find out more by searching our website and look for our section for just about any questions you may have.

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Oaks Christian Soccer Promo
Oaks Christian Soccer Promo
Oaks Christian Girls Soccer Highlight
Oaks Christian Girls Soccer Highlight
Oaks christian girls soccer
Oaks christian girls soccer
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