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November 2, 2016
Abby Wambach, Megan Rapinoe

CLERMONT COUNTY, Ohio (Angela Ingram) - Team sports train kids working together for one another.
In Amelia Tuesday evening, Sept. 1, there is a lesson in how one team learned to get together for his or her opponent. The Woman Tigers of Withrow Senior High School had a little of the drive in hurry hour visitors to Clermont County. When they were starting to warm up for a game title against Glen Este Senior High School, volunteers on Glen Este's team prepared a present.

It had been a gesture of friendship and kindness before the overall game.

Volunteer Molly Bastin stated, “We made the decision to purchase footwear for the entire Withrow team because this past year they did not have so we made the decision that people desired to donate and assist them.Inches
Annually had passed however the women appreciated the woman Tigers. They stated they'd great sportsmanship and were an excellent team. But not every one of the women had cleats to experience.

Missy Bastin includes a daughter around the team and stated, “One factor, we do not would like them to become embarrassed or anything because we have all had the experience against many districts we are the reduced guy around the totem pole.”
Missy Bastin can also be the co-founding father of Cincy Kids For Children and assisted the women raise money for that cleats, “That's why Cincy Kids For Children does what we should do is due to moments such as this.Inches
Then your surprise Glen Este anxiously waited for that women give their gift, exchange hugs, handshakes and smiles. The Woman Tigers got 15 new pairs of cleats. Glen Este also contributed used ones to make certain every athlete had a great pair that the Tigers appreciated.

Usually throughout the overall game your competition was the priority. But about this area, friendship overshadowed that.

Cincy Kids For Children is really a nonprofit of kids and fogeys who interact to boost money to assist other children. One parent told Local 12 News when her daughter stated, “We will help the woman Tigers, ” her mother informed her don't merely discuss it, function as the change. And that is exactly what the women did.
Glen Este won the overall game 4-, however the teams stated a lot more was acquired Tuesday evening than the usual victory around the area.

Girls soccer team donates cleats to opponents
Girls soccer team donates cleats to opponents
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