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November 1, 2015
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The number of girls suffering concussions in soccer accounts for the second largest amount of all concussions reported by young athletes.‘People who think about concussions as only being present mostly in men and mostly within the sport of football are simply plain wrong, ’ stated Dr Bob Cantu, chairman from the surgery division and also the director of sports medicine at Emerson Hospital in Concord, Massachusetts. ‘Soccer is appropriate towards the top of their email list for women.’

The amount of women suffering concussions in soccer makes up about the 2nd biggest quantity of all concussions as reported by youthful sports athletes after football, based on research within the American Journal of Sports Medicine reported by NBC's Rock Center.

Within the U . s . States, an believed 300Thousand sports-related concussions occur yearly. Among people 15 to 24 years old, sports are second simply to automobile crashes because the leading reason for concussions.

Some experts view the concept of bouncing the ball using the mind, generally referred to as 'heading, ' because the primary reason for concussions

Some experts view the practice of bouncing the ball with the head, commonly known as 'heading,' as the main cause of concussions.‘What’s happening within this country is definitely an epidemic of concussions, number 1, and also the realization that lots of these people are likely to go onto publish-concussion syndrome, which could alter remarkable ability to operate at an advanced for that relaxation of the lives, ’ Cantu stated.

Allison Kasacavage, 15, knows very well concerning the aftereffects of the concussion. The previous soccer star in her own Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, school, Kasacavage has experienced as many as five concussions.

Now, the 15-year-old is able to only attend school four hrs each day, and also the light in her own room needs to be lowered to some soft blue glow to help ease her severe head aches.

Experts indicate the concept of bouncing the ball using the mind, generally referred to as ‘heading, ’ among the most harmful areas of soccer.

Allison Kasacavage suffered five concussions, and now has to be in a blue-lit room to ease her headaches.When heading, gamers make an effort to use their foreheads to direct the ball - moving that can result in collisions between gamers, which can lead to concussions. That's how Kasacavage stated she experienced her initial mind injuries.

Blue: Allison Kasacavage experienced five concussions, and today needs to maintain a blue-lit room to help ease her head aches

Based on Dr Cantu, women might be especially prone to concussions simply because they have less strong necks. New information further indicates that individuals with very lengthy, thin necks are in a much greater risk.

‘The same pressure shipped to some girl’s mind spins the mind a lot more due to the weak neck of computer will the men, ’ Cantu stated.

National pastime: Women constitute 48 percent from the greater than 3 million kids registered in US Youth Soccer leagues

Considering this data, Dr Cantu makes the bold proposal that heading be removed from youth soccer younger than 14.

‘I would hope it wouldn't only make parents take a look at their kids, but make all of individuals parents insist their kids take presctiption a neck strengthening program if they’re playing an accident sport, ’ he added.

Wrongheaded: The American Journal of Sports Medicine states an believed 300Thousand sports-related concussions occur yearly in US

Girls make up 48 per cent of the more than 3 million kids registered in US Youth Soccer leagues. The American Journal of Sports Medicine says an estimated 300,000 sports-related concussions occur annually in US.
Soccer Girl
Soccer Girl
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Sexy girl playing football (freestyle soccer) ...
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