Silver State Girls Soccer

May 3, 2017

After an upset of Lincoln subsequently Southeast within the women condition soccer tournament, Lincoln subsequently Southwest coach Thomas Nettleton stated the Silver Hawks had “broke lower all of the film” in the previous two matches against Southeast this year to try and improve.

Southwest could avenge two deficits against Southeast in fighting the Knights in combat 2- throughout Thursday's first round.

Southwest will have to reverse a previous result again in Saturday’s 3 p.m. condition semifinal against Omaha Marian. Top-rated Omaha Marian (15-3) defeated Southwest 3-1 at the start of the growing season.

As you're watching game film to analayze your team and scout competitors is much more common in football and basketball, you will find benefits in soccer too, Nettleton stated.

“In Nebraska football is type of king and all sorts of football programs almost need to have (Hudl sports video software) due to just how much preparation adopts their games, so it’s an additional benefit for other teams to have the ability to utilize it. So we do, ” Nettleton stated.

“What you’re searching for is matchups or weak points or in which you might have the ability to create overloads, just when it comes to getting amounts up, and just what regions of the area it can be done.Inches

2 days prior to the condition tournament the Southwest gamers spent about 40 minutes watching tape in the previous matches against Southeast.

Southwest attempted another approach within the last match when you are more aggressive, rather than trying to develop to goals with short passing.

“We stored the ball a lot the very first two games we performed them, it’s exactly that following the sixth or seventh pass Southeast would get it and cram it lower our throat immediately, ” Nettleton stated. “They weren’t searching for connecting greater than 2 or 3 passes. These were just searching to win it and go immediately. The issue for all of us was when we allow them to win it within our defensive-third than that’s pretty near to our goal, and that’s bad.”

Seventh-rated Southwest (16-4) have been hurt hard by injuries this year. Within the first match against Marian the Silver Hawks started the overall game having a couple of injuries, after which experienced a couple of more. Southwest was near to requiring to utilize a back-up goalkeeper within the area.

Sophomore Hannah Davis, among the Silver Hawks’ top playmakers, only performed just a little against Marian as she came back from the knee injuries.

Marian obtained the 3 goals within the first half. Nettleton states you will find good reasons to believe Southwest can avenge an early on loss again.

“We’ve got lots of talent moving forward that’s hard to stop, and i believe our defensive group does an excellent job. We’re difficult to break lower, ” he stated.

The very first match against Marian wasn’t performed on the stadium area, and wasn’t recorded, so Southwest won’t watch film before match.

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