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August 27, 2015
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I recall when my women first began playing soccer it had been a lot fun to purchase little pink and black cleats and colored socks for his or her U6 AYSO teams “The Pink Princesses” and “The Blue Seeing stars.” Now that they're practicing and playing 4-5 occasions each week, the gear is a lot more important…and costly. Here’s a few of the things my women use regularly… (click on the photos for buying information…there are affiliate links within this publish)

CLEATS (or Boots if you are British)

A great pair of is important for any kid playing numerous occasions throughout a few days. You will find many different types of cleats and you just need to have your child put on a lot to determine the things they prefer. My women love Nike cleats- especially their Mercurial line. They let me know they're light and comfy.


My women are “totally over” putting on the AYSO style colored socks. Our club game socks are and that i just went ahead and purchased millions of of these. The women appear at first sight comfortable…and all of them match!


Shinguards are virtually the only real needed equipment for any soccer player. My women make use of the small slip-in kind simply because they such as the sense of getting their ankles free. These also cut WAY lower around the nasty smell factor because there is nothing making the rounds their feet. For games they often use shinguard straps to carry them in position, however for practice their socks hold them up all right.

Slider mobile phones

Slider mobile phones are tight compression shorts that some gamers put on under their game shorts. They are ideal for protection while sliding, but additionally ideal for modesty reasons. Large Soccer Girl loves to put on these while Little Soccer Girl couldn’t care less. She likes the however that she's older the are extremely popular.


I’m utilizing a brand to explain an extensive group of “things you put on within soccer uniform to help keep warm when it’s freezing throughout your game.” Some refs can be quite picky concerning the colour of the if it is showing, therefore we have whitened and navy to complement our two jerseys. Large Soccer Girl also will get cold legs, so she from time to time wears too. (Beware! These items could possibly get costly so only have it if you're sure your child will put on it) In case your kid isn’t excessively sensitive, the Champion brand has cold gear available at Target (within the boys portion of course). It isn't as soft because the Under Armor, however the cost is much more friendly.


Yep, the smallest women need something to put on under their jersey simply because they frequently have to change directly on the area right into a different color jersey. I previously had lots of trouble finding ones sufficiently small in my women, but we’ve had have fun with the now that they're growing older they love the (ugh!) and also the fun women line from Lululemon. You will find a lot of fun styles and colors available, however, these can be very costly, so go easy in case your daughter keeps growing rapidly!

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