Just for Girls Soccer Tournaments

July 17, 2016
Just for Girls Soccer

Participation within this Unrestricted Tournament is available to teams approved by USSF member organizations (including USYSA/condition associations, US Club Soccer, USSSA and AYSO), according to rosters in the 2015-2016 season. A person may compete for just one team per age bracket.

Roster Restrictions:

U11/U12 8v8: Maximum 14 Gamers

U12 11v11: Maximum 18 Gamers

U13 – U18: Maximum 18 Gamers

Guest Gamers: Each team is going to be permitted as much as five (5) guest gamers.

Needed Forms: Association-approved roster current player pass for every player medical liability form for every player and permission-to-travel forms (for teams from condition associations outdoors of Iowa) should be presented at tournament check-in. Forms aren't needed to become notarized.

2. Laws and regulations of the overall game

All games is going to be performed in compliance with FIFA laws and regulations, except where modified by these rules.

3. Time period of the Games and Ball Size

All games will contain two halves along with a continuous running clock.

  • U11/U12 25 minutes per half Size 4
  • U12 11v11 half an hour per half Size 4
  • U13-U18 half an hour per half Size 5

Interval between halves will be a few minutes. The referee may be the official timekeeper from the match.

The going to team will give the overall game ball for every match referee will inspect the overall game ball just before each match.

4. Player Equipment

A. No bracelets, bracelets, ear-rings, or rings of any sort is going to be permitted.

B. All gamers on the team must put on similar uniforms with every jersey being designated noticeably without any amounts being repeated. In case of cold temperature, gamers may put on extra layers under their jersey and shorts.

C. Shin pads should be worn whatsoever occasions.

D. If your uniform conflict happens, the house team (listed first on schedule) accounts for making the right changes.

E. Any player putting on a cast, splint, or brace must take care of this with bubble-wrap or perhaps a similar material, to guarantee the safety of other gamers.

5. Alternatives

Alternatives for those age ranges is going to be limitless. Alternatives might be created using the consent from the referee at the following occasions:

A. Just before a throw-in by either team

B. Just before an objective-kick by either team

C. Following a goal by either team

D. After an injuries by either team in which the referee stops the play and may substitute one for just one

E. In the half-time

F. If your player is released a yellow card, an instructor may substitute for your player only throughout that stoppage in play.

6. Conduct

A. Any player ignored/sent off (red-colored carded through the referee) must sit out the rest of that match plus his/her team’s next tournament match. A place is going to be subtracted from team’s point total for each red-colored card received. No substitution might be designed for the gamer sent off throughout the match where the red-colored card was released.

B. An instructor who's sent off won't be permitted to teach that team for just about any more matches within the tournament, and isn't permitted near the area for your team’s remaining matches. A place is going to be subtracted for each coach who's sent off.

C. An admirer who's sent off won't be permitted near the area for remaining matches performed by either team taking part within the match he/she was thrown from.

D. Two yellow cards released towards the same player within the same match equal a red-colored card and therefore are susceptible to exactly the same penalties as layed out above from there

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