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January 28, 2016
College girls

Bikini Girls On IceWe’re unsure exactly what the girl’s team is much like at the college, but we be certain that they weren’t as entertaining because the team that comprises the cast of 2009’s Bikini Women On Ice. To begin with, this team sure understands how to perform some fundraiser. We can’t really let you know the cuties need to go off-campus for hosting their annual Bikini Vehicle Clean for that team, but it’s a genuine necessity. And also, since these gals are starring inside a low-budget slasher flick, it is also essential for their van to interrupt lower inside a desolate area.

That’s okay, though. The team curently have their bikinis ready, and several vehicle clean supplies. There is a pretty large chance to earn some cash to repair their van while stuck in the boondocks. There’s even an abandoned service station that they'll use. The bikini’d babes have to disregard the alerts of 1 hiding local the place includes a real bad history.

So it's no shocker the local backwoods possess a frightening slasher hiding within the shrubbery. That one is known as Moe. Yeah. We’re speaking about Moe the Maniacal Auto technician. That’s about everything you’re ever going to discover Moe, too–except that he’s a slasher having a fondness of putting women on ice. We’ve really met individuals with that fetish before. They handle it much better than Moe. Also, we ought to observe that the most popular factor about Bikini Women on Ice is when 1 / 2 of the team handle their dire situation when walking from the damn place. That counts lower your body part, but we predict college women to become that wise.

Sadly, the greatest shock in Bikini Women on Ice is the fact that only among the titular cast people ever doffs her top. That’ll train us to sit down lower to look at a horror movie in regards to a female team with most sexy anticipation. What's promising, though, is the fact that Bikini Women on Ice was popular enough to inspire a semi-follow up known as Pinup Women on Ice–but that’s literally another story. We still think you’ll wish to take a look after looking at this (fairly simple NSFW) trailer…

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